New year's Fashion Mantra

New year's Fashion Mantra

As we begin a new year, many of us will begin to declutter our wardrobes to make space for new additions. However, choosing a new item of clothing for your wardrobe goes far beyond just selecting a functional piece of material. But rather it is a bold statement you choose to tell the world of yourself. Fashion has the power to transform your confidence, reinforce your identity and reveal your inner and outer beauty. So, it is crucial that you not only feel excited by the prospect of wearing your new item but that you can envision yourself and the places that it will accompany you. Terquois Klothing purposefully strives to deliver you time-less pieces that will build your staple wardrobe ready for 2022 and accompany you in all walks of life.

Made in Mumbai, our collections capture the essence of sophistication and elegance. Our designs are suitable for all occasions and all seasons. Whether you are planning your next beach holiday, a casual lunch meet-up with friends or a stylish outfit for your daily commute to the office, Terquois has you covered. We believe in creating clothing that empowers all women to achieve their full potential and allow them to stand out from the crowd. Each item of clothing is mindfully and carefully crafted, sourced from ethical vendors to create the highest quality of clothing to add to your time-capsule wardrobe. Made from 100% cotton, we meticulously examine the quality of each product and believe in adding pockets of magic through the addition of gorgeous, well-thought-out details on each of our designs. With our modern twist to vintage styles, we set out to inspire the modern youth to dress for success.


As you navigate our website, you will find that there is a collection suitable to everyone’s taste palette. Our casual line provides a stunning mixture of midi and maxi dresses, individually designed to different fits such as our classic A-line dresses or our shift-fit dresses, to create comfortability and confidence in which ever fit suits you best. When searching for eye-catching, striking pieces then head over to our fusion dress collection. Here you will find a versatile three-layered masterpiece fused together with pastel patterns and colours. Accompanied with a stylish jacket, this dress allows you to choose between a sleeveless look or alternatively attach a delicate three-quarter sleeve. Whatever style you choose, we guarantee you will feel the nostalgic breeze of those summer days.


When shopping for your next look in 2022, remember to choose items of clothing that are going to make you feel self-assertive and ravishing for your upcoming plans. Clothes shouldn’t be something you wear once and forget. It should be a unique experience you have with the fabric, possess character and tell a unique story. What you wear is an investment in yourself. It should withhold an advocate stand for better ethical standards in the fashion industry. By purchasing from Terquois Klothing, you are helping create a stylish sustainable future and inspiring others around you to do so too.

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