3 Tips to Get a Timeless Wardrobe!

3 Tips to Get a Timeless Wardrobe!

“Keep your closet chic, minimal, and timeless.”

Remember looking at your childhood photos and hating your dresses sometimes? Wishing the dresses in those times were as timeless as you can find now?

Today, the fashion industry is all about being timeless and unique at the same time. The industry embraces diversity rather than shunning it away like before. The modern woman now wants to feel empowered not just in the workplace but also in her personal life.

Well, here we are, bringing for you timeless clothing ideas that are perfect to match all your needs. Whether it’s a casual meetup, a date night, official meetings, party wear, or weekend clothing, these ideas are sure to make you a diva of the hour!

1.    Mix and Match for Multiple Styles

Be a wise shopper! Invest in clothes you can utilize all year round on multiple occasions yet look different each time you adorn yourself with them. My absolute favorite is Terquois classic check dress! This dress comes along with a leather belt and is complete on its own, yet gives you various options to customize it.

Pair it up with narrow denim, knee-high boots, and a blazer for a perfect fall look. Need more? Replace the leather belt with a fancy chain belt and add some jewelry for a casual yet glittery date night out look.

2.    No More Fast Fashion!

We may sound bizarre to stop you from going trendy, but when you look back at yourself after like 20 or 30 years from now, the same thing, which may have been in trend for once, might not appeal to your eyes at the moment!

To look better in your past, even after decades, the best strategy is to have a wardrobe filled with vintage! Terquois vintage tie-up crop with classic striped pants and jacket is a must-have for every wardrobe! The dress is as timeless as it could be, and is great for your casual meetings and friends-day-out!

Moreover, you can enjoy a fresher look every time by changing your inner-wear or replacing the trousers with denim or skirt, or by keeping aside your jacket sometimes.

3.    Neutral Palette is Our Favorite!

Neutral colors complement every season and fashion trend! They are as timeless as time! While many colors can take and leave the screens and streets, beige, taupe, gray, cream, brown, black, and white are always a NO-GO! These must-have colors for every wardrobe never make you look outdated.

One such dress is the Terquois beige gingham checks embroidered dress with a braided belt. This casual wear dress is great for coffee evenings with friends or weekend outings, providing ultimate style and comfort while it never gets old too!

Where to Find Best Timeless Dresses

Young women are now confident about their decision to dress differently because they have a sense of individuality absent in previous generations. They are more into timeless dressing that offers them versatility, makes them look trendy, and helps keep their wardrobe minimalistic all at the same time.

Terquois Klothing's new range of clothing is detailed with LOVE and offers freedom to wear clothes that they like without any restrictions on what colors or styles should be worn together or not at all!



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