I love Terquois Klothing

I love Terquois Klothing

As a person who cares about where her fashion comes from, I love Terquois clothing. All the clothing comes from vendors who use ethical practices to make their dresses, and there are so many styles and patterns to choose from.


I love the way the casual dresses and tops bring an effortless sense of style to the person who wears them. My favorite looks are the casual tie-up dresses and the linen fabrics. It makes me feel like I'm on an island overlooking the ocean waves on a sunny, windswept day.


Pair the dresses with a belt and you have a more fitted look you can wear to a party or the office. Layer their dresses with Terquois's Fusion options, like the elegant dress with brown-striped jacket or their classic striped asymmetrical jacket. You can dress these looks up or down, and Terquois gives you so many styling options to choose from!


Plus the sizes aren't for the super skinny. Terquois carries sizes small to extra large, which is great! The length of the skirts vary from above the knee to down to the ankle. Their long dresses are on trend with women's western styles today.


The prices make buying from Terquois a no-brainer. You can get a handmade, beautiful garment for the holidays or for casual walks through the park for about $10 to $30 only! You can't beat those prices for dresses this comfy and classy anywhere in the United States.


And as if that wasn't enough, Terquois has great ongoing sales and discounts throughout the year, making buying from them all the more worthwhile. I love Terquois as a western woman because I know that I'm buying from an ethical company that cares about quality and style. They have made me a lifelong, returning customer! I'm always excited to see what clothing Terquois will put out next!

By International Customer 


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